Category: Gender issues

Can anthropometry measure gender discrimination?

Summary of published research.

Issue 35, March 2009 (page 11)

Destitution in Ethiopia’s Northeastern Highlands

Summary of unpublished report.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 8)

Evaluation of MSF Holland mission in Afghanistan

Summary of Evaluation.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 20)

Food Preparation an Obstacle to Education

Bararud lies about 40 miles north west of Wau town in the Bahr el Ghazal region of Southern Sudan.

Issue 7, July 1999 (page 3)

Gender impact analysis of unconditional cash transfers in south central Somalia

Summary of published research.

Issue 45, May 2013 (page 19)

HIV/AIDS and emergencies: analysis and recommendations for practice

Summary of a published review.

Issue 19, July 2003 (page 10)

Keeping schools open: school feeding in conflict and crisis

Summary of published paper.

Issue 17, November 2002 (page 10)

Making a Difference for Afghan Women

By canonizing traditional and cultural restrictions on women and girls into official policy and law, the Taliban leadership of Afghanistan has created the most notorious example in the world of state denial of basic rights of women and girls.

Issue 7, July 1999 (page 21)

Risks of obtaining fuel in displaced populations

Summary of published letter.

Issue 17, November 2002 (page 8)

Targeted Food Distribution to Women and Children in Northern Afghanistan

This article describes the impact of a food distribution programme targeting households of malnourished women and children in northern Afghanistan.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 22)

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission

The Ethiopia Orthodox Church (EOC) is one of the oldest churches in the world. The church is also the largest denomination in Ethiopia with more than 40 million followers, which is approximately 40- 50% of the total population.

Issue 40, February 2011 (page 75)

The limits of human starvation

Summary of published paper.

Issue 15, April 2002 (page 5)

Women’s Contributions to Reducing Micronutrient Deficiencies

Summary of published research.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 10)