Category: Selective feeding

Addressing the nutritional needs of older people in emergency situations: ideas for action

Summary of Report.

Issue 12, April 2001 (page 3)

Assessment of adult malnutrition

Assessment of Adult Malnutrition was the subject of a special meeting held during the SCN’s 28th session in Nairobi in April 2001.

Issue 13, August 2001 (page 11)

Blanket BP5 distribution to under fives in North Darfur

The current conflict in Darfur, Sudan started in 2003. Since then, large-scale violence has decreased but fighting and attacks continue over large parts of the territory despite ongoing peace building efforts.

Issue 33, June 2008 (page 31)

Feeding the unborn babies

The summary below is based upon a near final draft of the new MSF guidelines.1 The guidelines may therefore undergo some revision before publication. Furthermore, it should be noted that certain important aspects of these draft guidelines do not conform with other currently employed guidelines (Eds).

Issue 12, April 2001 (page 26)

Industry: unlikely players in emergency food distribution

The destruction brought by the violence of Hurricane Mitch from October 26-27th of l998 has been well documented. No country was harder hit than Honduras, a nation of 5.8 million.

Issue 10, July 2000 (page 19)

Interagency meeting looks at Emergency Selective Feeding Programmes

The Minister of State for Foreign affairs, Joan Burton, recently opened a meeting on 'Emergency Selective Feeding Programmes' in Dublin.

Issue 1, May 1997 (page 14)

Nutrition coordination in Zimbabwe: Achievements and Challenges

Over the past several years, Zimbabwe has experienced political and economic upheaval resulting in rampant inflation, drought, unemployment, food shortages and general deterioration across multiple sectors.

Issue 32, January 2008 (page 3)

Postscript to 'Responding to the food crisis in Zaire'

This article serves to both construct a chronology of events in and around Kisangani between May and September 1997 and a socio-political analysis of those events. Having read the article we would like to add further information.

Issue 3, January 1998 (page 14)

Postscript to 'Therapeutic Feeding in an insecure area'

We asked Yvonne Grellety of ACF to comment on this article. A summary of her comments follow: Rather than responding to the specific experience described in the article, I would like to respond to some of the more general issues and principals that this very interesting article raises. I will draw from the considerable experience that ACF have of working in insecure areas.

Issue 2, August 1997 (page 18)

Responding to the crisis in Congo-Zaire: emergency Feeding of Rwandan Refugees May-July 1997

In response to the extreme humanitarian crisis amongst Rwandan refugees remaining in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo; DRC), CARE implemented and co-ordinated emergency food distribution programmes in Kisangani and Lulingu (Shabunda zone) from May to September 1997.

Issue 3, January 1998 (page 12)

Selective Feeding in War-Ravaged Northern Uganda

Implementation of selective feeding programmes in highly insecure environments can throw up a number of difficult operational challenges. In this article GOAL describe specific challenges related to default and programme monitoring and their attempts to address these (Ed).

Issue 23, November 2004 (page 20)

Selective Feeding Programmes in Wadjir: Some Reasons for Low Coverage and High Defaulter Rate

The coverage and default rate in selective feeding programmes are taken as proxies of the accessibility and acceptability of these programmes. This article by Fabienne Vautier describes the problems of low coverage and high default rates in Therapeutic and Supplementary feeding programmes run by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Belgium in Wadjir in Kenya.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 17)

Somali Region Ethiopia

Summary of situation report.

Issue 11, December 2000 (page 25)

The Cost of Selective Feeding (Special Supplement 2)

The aim of this paper is to present the cost per beneficiary of CTC and discuss aspects of these costs, underlying assumptions and other factors and issues affecting cost.

Supplement 2, November 2004 (page 39)

WFP Evaluation of Liberia programme

WFP recently commissioned an evaluation of the 1990- 1995 'period of WFP emergency operations in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote dIvoire.

Issue 1, May 1997 (page 19)