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A cross-sectoral approach to addressing Konzo in DRC

In November 2009, Action Against Hunger (ACF-USA) launched a 22-month long intervention in the Bandundu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to address several factors underlying the Konzo epidemic affecting the population of Kwango district.

Issue 41, August 2011 (page 4)

African wild harvest project

The ‘African Wild Harvest’ project is a collaboration between the Royal Botanic Garden Kew and the UK Medical Research Council’s Resource Centre for Human Nutrition Research (HNR), Cambridge.

Issue 16, August 2002 (page 10)

Assessing the economic value of fortified foods

Summary of published paper.

Issue 14, November 2001 (page 6)

Cost of the Diet – novel approach to estimate affordability of a nutritious diet

This article provides an overview of a novel method developed by Save the Children UK to calculate the cost of an ideal diet, with results from two case studies and a discussion of the limitations to the approach and intended next steps for its development.

Issue 34, October 2008 (page 21)

Dietary Treatment of Severe Malnutrition in Adults

A recently published paper reports the results of a study conducted by Concern Worldwide on severely malnourished adults in Baidoa, Somalia, a town at the epicentre of the 1992 famine.

Issue 6, February 1999 (page 11)

Excess dietary iodine in long-term African refugees

Summary of published research.

Issue 28, July 2006 (page 7)

Food Intake in Pregnancy During Indonesian Crisis

Summary of published paper.

Issue 21, March 2004 (page 6)

Global Trends in Malnutrition

Summary of published paper.

Issue 23, November 2004 (page 5)

Grass Pea Consumption and Neurolathyrism

Summary of published paper.

Issue 22, July 2004 (page 5)

Impact of cross-sectoral approach to addressing konzo in DRC

From December 2009 to October 2011, Action Against Hunger (ACF-USA) implemented a 22-month long intervention in the Bandundu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) addressing several factors underlying the konzo epidemic affecting the population of Kwango district (see Figure 1).

Issue 44, December 2012 (page 51)

Impact of livestock support on animal milksupply and child nutrition in Ethiopia

Animal milk has long been recognised as an important component of pastoralist diets across the world. As a nutrient-dense food, milk is known to contribute a high proportion of the nutrients, such as high quality protein and micronutrients, to the pastoralist diet.

Issue 44, December 2012 (page 9)

Is extrusion cooking of blended foods really advantageous?

Published Paper.

Issue 10, July 2000 (page 4)

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Study on Offal Consumption among the Somali Population

The livestock sector remains the most important production sector of Somalia, with approximately 3 million animals being exported each year, generating about 40% and 80% of Somalia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign currency earnings respectively.

Issue 41, August 2011 (page 10)

Konzo Associated with War in Mozambique

Summary of published paper.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 7)

Management of shigellosis in undernourished children

Summary of published paper.

Issue 13, August 2001 (page 6)

Micronutrients - The Basics

Taken from draft guideline material prepared by Fiona Watson, Institute of Child health, London.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 26)

Milk Matters: Improving Health and Nutritional Status of Children in Pastoralist Communities

The authors examine the role of milk in the diets of children in pastoralist communities in Ethiopia, including the links between seasonal availability of milk with child nutritional status and priority interventions to address this.

Issue 38, April 2010 (page 10)

New UNHCR Policy on handling Milk Products

The revised edition of the UNHCR Policy Related to the Acceptance, Distribution, and Use of Milk Products in Refugee Settings is now available.

Issue 29, December 2006 (page 34)

NGOnut discussion summaries - cassava poisoning, and HIV and breastfeeding

The following are edited summaries of e-mail correspondence from the NGO Nutrition Association (NGO Nut) which may be of interest to readers.

Issue 2, August 1997 (page 9)

NGOnut discussion summaries - ORS v Resomal, Lactose intolerance, and split peas


Issue 3, January 1998 (page 26)

Reduce Scurvy Risk through Germination!

Summary of published paper.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 9)

Seasonal Trends in Pastoral Malnutrition in Somalia

The Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) is a project managed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN-FAO).

Issue 41, August 2011 (page 63)

Storage, preparation, and usage of fortified food aid

Summary of published research.

Issue 36, July 2009 (page 9)

Study of the Risk Factors for the Development of Nutritional Oedema in North Kivu, DRC

This article is based on findings of a report written by Mark Myatt which, in turn, is based on the findings of research undertaken by Save the Children UK in DRC.

Issue 26, November 2005 (page 5)

Study on hygiene practices and market chain of milk and milk products in Somalia

Since 2006, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Germany (VSF) has implemented several projects in Somalia. The VSF strategy focuses mainly on improving food security and value chain development. Past interventions have achieved significant improvements in supporting the production of ‘safer’ milk and compliance with minimum standards in milk marketing.

Issue 39, September 2010 (page 24)

Suspected toxic ingestion outbreak in central Afghanistan

Humanitarian assistance operations in Afghanistan are only just beginning to reach beyond major towns and cities.

Issue 16, August 2002 (page 7)

Tinned surplus beef for DPRK?

As a representative of the Federation of Danish Pig Producers and Slaughterhouses in Brussels, I have recently been involved in discussions about the possible use of tinned meat for food aid. .

Issue 3, January 1998 (page 21)


micro-enterprise responds to malnutrition.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 13)

WHO/UNICEF Joint Statement on Optimal Iodine Nutrition

WHO/UNICEF have released a joint statement on Reaching Optimal Iodine Nutrition in Pregnant and Lactating Women and Young Children.

Issue 32, January 2008 (page 18)

Wild Foods – More Evidence for their Importance in the Diet

Published paper.

Issue 7, July 1999 (page 9)

Wild Foods — Blessing or Burden?

For the purposes of the research wild foods were defined as ‘naturally growing plants’ (although the author recognised that some of these plants have become domesticated).

Issue 6, February 1999 (page 16)