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Household food security and child malaria in Haiti

Summary of published research.

Issue 38, April 2010 (page 7)

Letter on micronutrient deficiency management, by Donald McLaren

I was amazed, and greatly disappointed, to read the report of the workshop on Community Based Approaches to Managing Severe Malnutrition, and the piece on this subject in Field Exchange, March 2004, pp 16-19.

Issue 22, July 2004 (page 19)

Micronutrients - The Basics

Taken from draft guideline material prepared by Fiona Watson, Institute of Child health, London.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 26)

Simulation model to estimate micronutrient levels in fortified blended foods

Summary of published research.

Issue 39, September 2010 (page 18)

The Measurement of Micronutrient Deficiencies - A Long Way to Go

Analysis of the micronutrient status of populations affected by natural and complex nutritional emergencies poses special problems.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 13)

The Nutrition Situation of Refugees and Displaced Persons

The quarterly 'Reports on the Nutrition Situation of Refugees and Displaced Populations' (RNIS) are compiled and published by the ACC/Sub-Committee on Nutrition (ACC/SCN) based in Geneva.

Issue 2, August 1997 (page 13)

Towards the Overdue Elimination of Deficiency Disease Epidemics

Nutritional deficiency epidemics are all highly predictable. Softwares are now available to flag nutrients missing in a ration, making epidemic prediction easy. Indeed, there is no excuse for being taken by surprise by a deficiency disease epidemic.

Issue 21, March 2004 (page 14)

Use of case definitions and awareness of micronutrient deficiencies

Summary of Unpublished Study.

Issue 16, August 2002 (page 6)

Women’s Contributions to Reducing Micronutrient Deficiencies

Summary of published research.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 10)