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Cross-sectional assessment of retrospective mortality in humanitarian emergencies

Summary of published research.

Issue 38, April 2010 (page 12)

Hidden Famine in Madagascar

Summary of published paper.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 11)

Letter on MSF guidelines on using F75, Saskia van der Kam, Aranka Anema, Sophie Baquet and Marc Gastellu

MSF would like to thank Schofield et al for their constructive criticism in the letter section of the previous edition of Field Exchange.

Issue 15, April 2002 (page 9)

Mortality in Somalia during food insecurity and famine (2010-2012)

The report summarised below on mortality rates during the Somali famine of 2010-12 casts a long shadow over the effectiveness of humanitarian response systems. An online blog written by Andy Seal and Rob Bailey is appended as a form of post-script as it raises a critical political dimension to the Somalia famine which has not been a significant part of the discourse since these events and warrants urgent further discussion in the context of future complex emergencies (Ed).

Issue 45, May 2013 (page 4)

Mortality Rates in Conflict Affected Darfur

Published paper.

Issue 24, March 2005 (page 10)

New Method to Estimate Mortality in Crisis-Affected Populations

The Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance II Project (FANTA-2) has prod- uced the report A New Method to Estimate Mortality in Crisis-Affected Populations: Validation and Feasibility Study.

Issue 36, July 2009 (page 17)

Retrospective determination of whether famine existed in Niger

Summary of published research.

Issue 35, March 2009 (page 10)