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Aid and Erosion of Humanitarian Principles in Sierra Leone

Published paper.

Issue 7, July 1999 (page 8)

Assessing and defining food needs (Special Supplement 1)

There are three broad approaches in use for assessing the food needs of a population. These approaches are often used simultaneously in an assessment.

Supplement 1, July 2004 (page 7)

Conclusions to 'Targeting Food Aid in Emergencies' (Special Supplement 1)

The operational contexts for ‘within geographical area targeting’ are limited. This supplement has focused on targeting food aid in emergencies within geographical areas.

Supplement 1, July 2004 (page 29)

Destitution in Ethiopia’s Northeastern Highlands

Summary of unpublished report.

Issue 20, November 2003 (page 8)

Humanitarian Response Index (HRI)

Summary of report.

Issue 35, March 2009 (page 18)

Inappropriate Interventions in the Great Lakes

Summary of published research.

Issue 23, November 2004 (page 9)

Lessons learned in West Darfur: challenges in assessment methodologies

Over the last twenty years, humanitarian organisations have accumulated a wealth of technical expertise in nutrition to guide emergency interventions.

Issue 16, August 2002 (page 24)

Links between needs assessment and decisions in food crisis responses

Summary of published review.

Issue 33, June 2008 (page 10)

Task Force Review

Summary of a Report by SPLM/SRRA–OLS.

Issue 6, February 1999 (page 28)