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FANTA Review of Essential Nutrition Actions in Ethiopia

The Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project has announced the release of the Review of Incorporation of Essential Nutrition Actions into Public Health Programmes in Ethiopia Report (January 2008).

Issue 33, June 2008 (page 17)

From the editor

Ethiopia is a diverse country where a significant proportion of the population live on or below the poverty line, where food insecurity is widespread and rates of acute malnutrition are often at or above the international threshold that defines an emergency situation.

Issue 40, February 2011 (page 4)

Letter challenging conclusions and analysis of Lancet Undernutrition Series, by Fiona Watson and Carmel Dolan


Issue 33, June 2008 (page 26)

Nutrition intervention in crisis some worrying practices

During recent field work (notably in Burundi), I came across certain worrying practices in the emergency nutrition sector.

Issue 16, August 2002 (page 28)

REEP experiences in Western Kenya

A communications graduate from Dayster University in Kenya, Mary Makopkha originally worked as a freelance journalist for several publications. She founded REEP (Rural Education and Economic Enhancement Programme) in 1997 to spearhead the fight against HIV/AIDS and other issues affecting her Butula-Busia community.

Issue 25, May 2005 (page 26)