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Postscript to 'Reconstruction in Bosnia'

In 1996, nearly 60% of all households in B&H were receiving humanitarian food. By January 1997, this figure had decreased, but an impressive 45% of the population was still included in free food distributions.

Issue 3, January 1998 (page 25)

Reconstruction in Bosnia: Implications for Food Security and the Future of Food Aid

Images of weeping women being evicted from their homes, strutting commanders victoriously entering yet another devastated village, and UN 'peacekeepers' arguing with obstinate soldiers to try to assure the safe passage of humanitarian aid, bombarded us from our TV screens for four long years of war in Bosnia. .

Issue 3, January 1998 (page 23)

WFP intervention in Bosnia Herzegovina '92 - '97

An internal evaluation.

Issue 5, October 1998 (page 24)