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From the editor

This issue of Field Exchange comes out in the wake of the Haiti emergency. Although the relief effort is continuing, the acute phase of the emergency is arguably over at the time of writing, with humanitarian efforts now focused on rebuilding infrastructure – especially provision of shelter and homes.

Issue 38, April 2010 (page 2)

Infant Feeding in Emergencies: Experiences from Indonesia and Lebanon

On the 27th May 2006 a strong earthquake had a devastating impact on two provinces on Java Island in Indonesia killing 5,778 people. Major infrastructural damage left 3.2 million people affected.

Issue 29, December 2006 (page 3)

Infant Feeding in Emergencies: Recurring Challenges

Published Report.

Issue 10, July 2000 (page 5)

Infant feeding in tsunami affected villages in India

Summary of published research.

Issue 29, December 2006 (page 10)

Letter asking for guidance on BMS for orphans in Rwanda, by Ros O'Loughlin (and response by ENN)

I read with great interest the articles on infant feeding in the first issue of Field Exchange. I was at the time working in a centre for unaccompanied Rwandan refugee children in Kisangani, Zaire (now Stanleyville, Democratic Republic of Congo). .

Issue 2, August 1997 (page 9)

Letter on breastmilk substitute marketing, by Gay Palmer.

André Briend has made an error in his valuable article on elimination of deficiency disease epidemics (FE 21 March 2004). .

Issue 23, November 2004 (page 16)

National training on IFE in Sri Lanka

This piece summarises an IFE training led by country delegates as an action arising from the regional IFE workshop held in Bali 10-13th March 2008.

Issue 35, March 2009 (page 22)

Safe infant feeding remains a challenge: the Balkans experience

Summary of published paper.

Issue 14, November 2001 (page 3)

WHO Guiding Principles on Feeding Non-Breastfed Infants

WHO has just issued a booklet, Guiding principles for feeding non-breastfed infants, 6-24 months of age, which provides health workers with a grounding in the principles involved in designing and safely feeding diets to young non-breastfed infants.

Issue 26, November 2005 (page 21)