Keyword: Treatment of SAM in hospitals/ NRUs

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Therapeutic challenges and treatment of hypovolaemic shock in severe malnutrition

Summary of proceedings.

Issue 38, April 2010 (page 17)

Treatment of severe malnutrition now a core competency in health

Paediatricians took a giant step forward at the International Paediatric Association (IPA) Congress in Johannesburg in August 2010 when they resolved that treatment of malnutrition should become a core competency. It also had the support of the WHO, UNICEF and other United Nations agencies.

Issue 40, February 2011 (page 80)

Updated Nutriset ‘red scoop’ instructions for mixing F75 and F100

Nutriset’s F-75 and F-100 therapeutic milks come in sachets of, respectively, 410 g and 456 g. For both products, the full content of one sachet must be mixed with 2 litres of boiled/potable water to obtain 2.4 litres of therapeutic milk.

Issue 39, September 2010 (page 29)