Keyword: Climate change adaptation

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Adapting to climate change

Summary of published paper.

Issue 27, March 2006 (page 9)

Barriers to resilience: chronic poverty, climate change and disasters in the southwest of Bangladesh

This assessment was conducted by Solidarités International in partnership with local NGO, Uttaran. The article was compiled by the authors, thanks to Julie Mayans, Food Security and Livelihoods Technical Advisor at Solidarités International for her support in the process.

Issue 45, May 2013 (page 47)

Moderating the impact of climate change

Summary of published research.

Issue 33, June 2008 (page 9)

Political economy of adaptation through crop diversification in Malawi

Summary of article.

Issue 42, January 2012 (page 27)

Rapid response and long-term solutions: Christian Aid and food security in Ethiopia

Food insecurity is a deep-rooted problem for Ethiopia. With almost half the country’s population of 78.6 million living in deep and long-term poverty, many people are vulnerable to drought and moderate and severe acute malnutrition.

Issue 40, February 2011 (page 49)