Keyword: Crude mortality rate

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Cross-sectional assessment of retrospective mortality in humanitarian emergencies

Summary of published research.

Issue 38, April 2010 (page 12)

Improved surveillance prevents excess mortality: the Gode experience

Summary of published paper.

Issue 14, November 2001 (page 6)

Inadequate Refugee Rations: Is this a Result of Planning?

Published Lancet letters.

Issue 3, January 1998 (page 9)

Mortality in the DRC

Summary of published research.

Issue 33, June 2008 (page 9)

Towards better documentation of mortality in crises

Summary of research.

Issue 34, October 2008 (page 11)

Trends in malnutrition prevalence and mortality

The May 2010 issue of the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CE-DAT) publication, CE-DAT Scene1 includes a summary of the 2009 trends in malnutrition and mortality. These make interesting reading.

Issue 39, September 2010 (page 30)