Keyword: Donor accountability

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Concerns on Global HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Fund conflicts of interest

This article raises a number of issues about corporate sponsorship in the public health sector and as such is of interest to those working in the nutrition sector where ‘corporate capture’ is a much discussed issue (Ed).

Issue 44, December 2012 (page 34)

Donors in humanitarian action: changing roles, trends and issues

Summary of a published review.

Issue 19, July 2003 (page 8)

Equity in Donor Aid Allocation to Iraq

Two short articles in a recent issue of the Lancet question the overall level of aid given and pledged to post-conflict Iraq.

Issue 22, July 2004 (page 17)

Funding too concentrated on ‘big three’ diseases

Certain tropical diseases are being unjustly ignored in Africa because funding is so heavily concentrated on the ‘big three’ (HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria), according to a news piece in the BMJ.

Issue 27, March 2006 (page 15)

Good Humanitarian Donorship Initiative

Published review.

Issue 24, March 2005 (page 10)

Humanitarian Response Index (HRI)

Summary of report.

Issue 35, March 2009 (page 18)

Little investment in nutrition by Gates Foundation

Summary of editorial.

Issue 37, November 2009 (page 22)

Why is undernutrition not a higher priority for donors?

Summary of research.

Issue 34, October 2008 (page 10)