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2011 famine in South Somalia: the role of the early warning information System

In July and August 2011, the United Nations declared famine in Southern Somalia based on the food security and nutrition analysis undertaken jointly by UNFAO/FSNAU (Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit) and FEWSNET.

Issue 44, December 2012 (page 54)

Chronic vulnerability in Niger

Summary of published research.

Issue 29, December 2006 (page 9)

Critical gaps in drought response in Greater Horn of Africa

Summary of published research.

Issue 28, July 2006 (page 8)

Evaluation of Dafur Early Warning and Food Information System

Summary of evaluation.

Issue 28, July 2006 (page 20)

Food security early warning systems in the Greater Horn of Africa

A review.

Issue 13, August 2001 (page 3)

Forecasting slow onset disasters to improve response

Summary of research.

Issue 37, November 2009 (page 7)

Humanitarian Information Systems and Emergencies

Summary of published paper.

Issue 21, March 2004 (page 6)

Lessons learned in West Darfur: challenges in assessment methodologies

Over the last twenty years, humanitarian organisations have accumulated a wealth of technical expertise in nutrition to guide emergency interventions.

Issue 16, August 2002 (page 24)

New Classification Tool Integrating Food Security and Humanitarian Action

A new tool has been developed at the Food Security Analysis Unit ( FSAU) to harmonise and improve the rigour of classifying and providing early warning of various stages of food security and humanitarian situations.

Issue 28, July 2006 (page 15)

Operational definition of a famine

Summary of workshop.

Issue 19, July 2003 (page 26)

Strengthening analysis of the nutrition situation through linking food security and nutrition information: Pitfalls and potentials

It has become the practice in several countries1 to routinely combine nutrition surveys with a food security component in order to contextualise anthropometric results, leading to more informed and appropriate intervention design.

Issue 13, August 2001 (page 8)

The Collection of Early Warning Information Through Community Resource People – A Case Study from the Red Sea State

We have been working as field monitors on the Oxfam Community Situation Indicator (CSI) project in the Red Sea State (RSS) for over four years.

Issue 7, July 1999 (page 16)