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Feasibility of private micro flood insurance provision in Bangladesh

Summary of research.

Issue 41, August 2011 (page 16)

Real time evaluation of Pakistan Flood Response

Summary of evaluation.

Issue 32, January 2008 (page 26)

SC UK’s experiences with Central Emergency Response Funds (CERF)

Summary of evaluation report.

Issue 33, June 2008 (page 29)

Scaling up CMAM in the wake of 2010 floods in Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world (>180 million in 2011), the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia and has wide diversity in terms of culture, ethnicity, language, geography and climate. Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic consisting of four provinces and four federal territories.

Issue 43, July 2012 (page 67)

Sphere standards in Bangladesh flood response

Summary of research.

Issue 18, March 2003 (page 3)

Summary of the Oxfam Review of Bangladesh flood response

Between July and October last year Bangladesh suffered severe flooding regarded as the worst in living memory: two-thirds of Bangladesh was affected resulting in widespread disruption and damage to homesteads and crops.

Issue 8, November 1999 (page 26)