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Improving the Efficiency of Food Aid

Summary of report prepared with financial support from DANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark.

Issue 6, February 1999 (page 8)

Involving communities in nutritional screening in Ethiopia

The International Nutrition Foundation (INF), in collaboration with the United Nations University (UNU) with funding from the Micronutrient Initiative (MI) will establish the Iron Deficiency Project Advisory Service (IDPAS).

Issue 12, April 2001 (page 10)

Is food aid effective?

Summary of published research.

Issue 29, December 2006 (page 8)

Market Analysis and Emergency Needs Assessment

Summary of background technical paper.

Issue 21, March 2004 (page 9)

On the ground perceptions of WFP food assistance and PMTCT in Zambia

Summary of a qualitative study.

Issue 25, May 2005 (page 14)

The Coping Strategies Index: monitoring food security status in emergencies

Research in Progress.

Issue 13, August 2001 (page 5)

WFP Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Programming in Malawi

This article was written based on a WFP consultation to Malawi in February 2005.

Issue 25, May 2005 (page 43)

WFP Recipients’ Weight Gain at Reach Out Clinic

This report outlines the weight progress of clients attending the Reach Out clinic of Mbuya parish clinic in 2002, who were receiving WFP food (see field article p28).

Issue 25, May 2005 (page 5)